The School is affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi and admits students in LKG to class – XII. Direct admission to class X and XII is not given. Only the transfer cases from ICSE school may be accepted. Minimum age for admission 3.5 years.

Subject of study for ICSE students:

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), History, Geography Commercial Studies, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Music, Socially Useful Productive Work, Moral Science/Divinity and Computer Science are taught by well qualified and experienced academic staff.

Subjects of study for ISC students:

The school has started ISC classes w.e.f 2016 and provides Commerce and Humanities streams to its students. Hence the subjects available are- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Maths, Physical Education, History, Geography & Political Science.

Important Information for parents

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), History, Civics, Geography, Commercial Studies, Punjabi, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Music, Socially Useful Productive Work and Computer Science are taught by well-qualified and experienced academic staff.


The School provides Commerce and Humanities streams to its students in the 12th Standard. The subjects offered are English, Accounts, Commerce, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Computer Science, Physical Education & Mathematics (Optional).


The School welcomes tiny tots of tender age. The beautiful and well-equipped & Play Pen& them is a dream place and learning by play-way methods are a special feature. These young children have a spacious hostel to themselves with a warm-hearted matron and caring nannies to look after them.



English is the medium of instruction and interaction in the School. The students are motivated and encouraged to communicate in English on the campus. Children are tested regularly and continuously for their academic progress, Class-work, Homework, Class-tests, Projects, etc. Report cards are given to Parents four times a year to apprise them of the academic proficiency and progress of their child. Parents are constantly encouraged and opportunities are provided for them to interact with teachers.


For senior students, a winter coaching camp of about a month is held to clear any doubts, revise their syllabus and prepare them for Board exams.


Details of School Fees and other charges for Boarders, semi-boarders and day scholars for the current year are available from the school office. Parents can opt to pay the entire School dues at the commencement of the academic session and avail of a rebate of 5%. Or, they could pay in three instalments, as per the schedule given.
A special rebate is offered for a girl child and for a sibling studying in School.
The School does not offer financial aid per se; however, a student will be considered for a scholarship/bursary based on academic achievement. All grants are merit-based.


All children must come to school in specified school uniforms. A list of items of school uniforms and other articles of clothing including sports dresses, footwear etc., to be brought by children can be obtained from the school office. The students are expected to dress up neatly and smartly on non-working days as well. They are not allowed to wear shawls etc at the School campus or mess, nor are they allowed to wear slippers. They can wear floaters or sandals for casual wear.



  • The students are expected to follow proper discipline at all times.
  • Any damage to the School property by the students is dealt with sternly. The damaged property must be replaced or payment made in lieu thereof.
  • The students are expected to be obedient and respectful to the teachers. Any case of misconduct will attract disciplinary action against the child.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the campus without permission. Breaking School
    rules will attract disciplinary action against them.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Intoxication of any kind is not permitted. Any child indulging in drinking, smoking or
    substance abuse shall be expelled immediately without any notice or warning.
  • Parents are strictly prohibited from giving any kind of tips, money or gifts to any
    member of the school staff. Any breach of this will be viewed very seriously.


  • Parents must give the Principal one month’s advance notice in writing if they wish to withdraw their child. Caution money will not be refunded if a shorter notice is given.
  • Caution money should be claimed within three months of withdrawal of the child. If the letter requesting its refund is not received, it will be considered a farewell gift. This amount will be gratefully acknowledged and retained by the School for scholarships.
  • Students while leaving the School must take along their belongings. Anything left behind will be donated to the needy.
  • A written request for a Transfer Certificate along with a fee of Rs 500 must be submitted for issuance of the TC.

Education cannot be complete without a variety of recreational activities. To build up self
confidence in each child and to bring out their inherent creative talents, Dagshai Public School actively encourages Eloquence in expressions through public speaking, Declamation, Debate, Dramatics, Mimicry, Mime, Elocution and Creative Writing.
Students actively participate in music, arts and crafts in order to refine their aesthetic inclinations. Vocal and instrumental music, in light and classical form, art and painting are offered as options in a variety of our hobby groups. Culinary art, needle-craft, origami, gardening and socially useful productive work form an integral part of  our extra- curricular activities. Inter-house competitions are organized frequently and it is compulsory for students to participate in such activities.


The School lays special emphasis on physical fitness and health training. The students have a wide choice of sports i.e., Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Karate, Roller and In-line Skating, Kick Boxing and Athletics.
Gymnasium, Table Tennis and indoor games like Carrom, Chess and Word Building have been provided in the hostels themselves. The students are required to bring their own Tennis and Badminton Racquets, Skates or Spike Shoes.
Inter-school competitions at Zonal, Regional and National levels are regularly held in which our students participate and excel. Inter House Sports activities are compulsory for both, boys as well as girls.


Educational tours and excursions are essential components of the School’s annual schedule. Adventure trips and treks in the lap of nature not only provide a unique and mesmerizing experience but also enhance a sense of camaraderie and self-reliance. year students are taken on an educational trip to different parts of the country.


The School is well equipped with the latest version of computers from DELL for the School Computer Lab.
The School has a well-stocked library with a wide variety of books catering to students of all classes along with reference books, story books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.
In addition, all hostels have Mini Libraries where students develop a desire to read during their free time. Modern and well-equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry laboratories are available in the school. We also have Math and geography labs where children grasp the finer points of the topics taught.


DPS was one of the first schools to initiate Smart classes. Teaching aids such as these bring about a complete transformation in classrooms. They help in faster and more accurate understanding of the concepts in class and help improve the overall academic performance of students.


NCC (National Cadet Corps)
The School has NCC for boys and girls. NCC fosters a sense of adventure and helps in instilling a sense of dignity and discipline in a young formative mind. The students go for various camps and annual meets on a regular basis.


Delectable and nutritious snacks are available in the School canteen. Students avail canteen facilities on select days of the week on a rotational basis.


Services of a resident nurse and a visiting doctor are available in the School. Medical checkups of students are carried out regularly. For any other treatment, children are referred to the Civil Hospital at Dharampur & Solan, and MMU near Kumarhatti.


a) The School has well-maintained and separate hostels for Junior, Middle and Senior
classes. There is a separate hostel for girls.
b) Recreation and indoor games are provided in the hostels besides gym equipment.
c) Solar plants facilitate ever-ready hot water in the hostels, in addition to other modes of
heating water. The hostels are managed by the hostel-in-charge and Prefects. There are
full time nannies for looking after the children and maintaining the hostels.


A Mess Committee, comprising members from the Academic Faculty, Administrative Staff, Student Council Members and Mess Manager, plans and prepares monthly menus and ensures that students get a palatable, nutritious and well-balanced Veg & Non-Veg diet. A qualified, competent and experienced Mess Manager supervises the preparation and service of food.


Students are not permitted to keep valuables like wristwatches, jewellery, electronic
equipment, mobiles and cash with them. Parents are advised not to give any cash to the children.
Any special requirements should be intimated to the School and money for the same should be deposited in the office, which will be accounted for separately. An imprest account for boarders is maintained in the School for any miscellaneous expenses.



  • To enable the children to settle down quickly and properly, Parents of newly admitted students are not permitted to visit their wards during the first 30 days from the date of admission.
  • Parents and other authorized personnel may visit their wards on Open Days, as per the School Almanac, between 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • It is mandatory for parents or their representatives to attend all Parent-Teacher
    meetings. The PTMs are held as per the School Almanac to discuss the academic and personality development progress of their children.
  • Parents/visitors are not permitted to visit classrooms, hostels or the dining hall of the School. They are required to wait for their wards in the Visitors' Room. The only exception to this rule will be in case of a new potential applicant, who is keen to see the premises.
  • Permission from the Principal must be sought in such cases before a
    conducted tour is arranged.
  • After any vacation or mid-term break, it is mandatory for all students to attend school on the day specified in the School Almanac. In case students do not attend school on the day specified, a penalty of Rs 500 will be imposed.